Katie understands that people are not always able to access private therapy and is committed to helping people access empirically-based, helpful and practical information so that people can find other ways of helping themselves.

Katie’s book “Managing CBT with OCD for Dummies”  is a concise guide to becoming your own therapist in tackling OCD. It is packed with useful information and practical tips and can be used as a stand alone tool to reach your goals or in conjunction with a CBT therapist.

One of the most important aspects of therapy is psychoeducation – where the therapist helps the client to understand the problem and how it is maintained. Realising that much of this information could be delivered for free Katie started making videos on YouTube to help people worldwide. She continues to add to these videos and answer questions via her YouTube channel to help as many people as possible. You can access her videos here or become part of the online self-help community by subscribing to her YouTube channel.


These charitable organisations all offer support, advice and information for people suffering from OCD, BDD and Anxiety.

The NICE guidelines for OCD & BDD

OCD Action