Individual sessions are 45-50 minutes and are currently conducted over skype or another online platform where necessary. Sessions cost £165. Answers to frequently answered questions can be found below.

Unfortunately Katie is unable to offer discounts for individual sessions as these help to finance her outreach work. Details of how to obtain treatment on the NHS can be found here. 

Clinic Days


Session Duration

45-50 MINS





Unfortunately this is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. There is no set number of sessions, nor a limit to how many sessions you can have. It is worth bearing in mind that the point of therapy is to help you become our own therapist so that you can learn to deal with OCD differently and get yourself to a point where it is no longer a big issue in your life. This means you do not need to have sessions until your OCD has gone away but just until you have all the tools you need and can put them into practice effectively. If you understand how OCD and CBT for OCD treatment work (for example by reading recommended books or watching Katie’s videos) then this may make the process quicker. However, the main thing that will impact on how quickly you start to feel better will be your willingness to engage in doing the tasks, even when they feel difficult or uncomfortable.

Initially it is recommended that you have weekly sessions if possible. This allows you to build momentum and put the foundations in place in order for you to start dealing with your OCD effectively for longer stretches of time in between sessions. Once the ball is rolling and you are working well at engaging in productive work outside of the sessions we would discuss having more time in between sessions, for example every other week. Over time this may change to monthly or even much less frequent check in sessions. Once you feel you can continue your good work without Katie’s input you may choose to stop having any regular sessions. If you need to have a booster session at any point you can just get in touch.

Katie often sees people who have had previous therapy, including CBT and have found they did not benefit from it. This is usually because the therapy was not specifically tailored to target OCD and the person has not been taught how to respond to their thoughts and feelings differently and do effective (ERP). We recommend that you do not lose heart if you have had therapy that didn’t prove helpful. OCD can be tricky but Katie is not deterred by that!

Unfortunately Katie is unable to offer discounts as her private practice supports her outreach work. However, Katie does understand that therapy is expensive and will try and help by using a session to get you set up so that you are better able to help yourself with occasional sessions for troubleshooting and support if desired. If therapy is not affordable for you at present then you might like to visit the self help pages to get some further ideas of how to help yourself.

Yes, Katie works with many insurance companies, but please check with us before starting therapy. There are some insurance companies who limit what they will pay per session and we are unable to work with these companies as we do not deem it ethical for some people to have different fees to others.

We do not run a waiting list as it is too difficult to estimate how soon Katie will be available and we encourage people to find help and get on with overcoming their OCD as soon as possible rather that waiting for one particular therapist. Therapists accredited in the UK can be found on CBT Register UK  or you might like to contact NOCD who Katie has partnered with. NOCD offer specialised OCD treatment and have a host of experienced licensed therapists – visit them here  and you can book a free, no obligation, 15 minute introductory session.

If you are supporting someone with OCD you can arrange a session for them if they are under 18. If they are 18 or over we ask that the person wanting therapy contacts us themselves unless they are unable to – if this is the case then please let us know the reason as it will be relevant moving forwards. If the person you are supporting is not keen to go to therapy you may need to be patient – although it is tempting to try and get someone to go to therapy it is rare that someone will benefit if they are unwilling to be there.


We understand that sometimes you will need to reschedule or cancel appointments. We try our best to accommodate this wherever possible, however, we do have a 48 hour cancellation policy as it is hard to fill slots at short notice. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice the session will be charged at the standard rate. If you have a session on a Monday please make sure you reschedule or cancel your appointment before 5pm on Thursday.



We are happy to look for an alternative time if you need to reschedule an appointment. If you would like to rearrange or cancel an appointment please email . However, please note that we operate a 48hr cancellation policy, excluding weekends.

Sessions missed or cancelled after this time will be charged at the usual rate.

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